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Live. Laugh. Love.
"You are in control of your destiny
Never limit yourself of what you can achieve and accomplish in life
Treausure the one's you hold dear to your heart."


Hello and Welcome! My name is Morgan. I also go by Morgo or Moru-chan.

Personality/traits: Tomboyish, head-strong, energetic, optimistic, cheerful, comical, 4-D.

Hobbies/interests: Soccer, singing/acting, freestyle dancing, fine/digital art, photography, karaoke

I'm majoring in Digital media arts/communications. I desire to be an international musician/talent(in Japan, South Korea and China). I want to be able to inspire and touch people around the world through music.

My love for jpop and kpop continues to grow each day; as well as jdramas, kdramas, korean and japanese variety shows, etc.

FYI: Feel free to friend me, but as long as you tell me a bit about yourself. As time goes by and as long as you keep in touch, you have me as a friend for life. ^_^