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Hey all. I'm going to try out for the new singing competition show, "The X-Factor", for the Dallas, Texas tryouts. They will be between May 25 and 26. I already submitted for the online audition earlier this evening.

Here is the link I uploaded on youtube:

I'm taking the steps in the right direction by putting myself out there for people to see thet talent I have within myself. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

I wanna take this moment to wish a very happy birthday to the JUMP member with a killer smile, Takaki Yuya-kun. May you have a memorable and unforgettable birthday with friends and family. HSJ represent, yeah!

Pray 4 Japan

Earthquake in Sendai, Japan.

I was hit hard by the news of the earthquake that hit Sendai. The quake was a magitude of 8.8, and was followed by a subsequent tsunami that has left affected regions in ruins. I have a friend who lives in Yokohama, which isnt that far from Sendai. I just hope that she and her family are alright. I also have family/friends in California and Hawaii, where they are expected to recieve alot of the aftershocks and tsunami waves. Anyone living in Japan, California and Hawai: you are all in my prayers and hope you all are alright, friends, family or strangers. 




My favorite and beloved actress/singer celebrates 27 years on earth. I wish her a very happy and memorable birthday, and hope she gets whatever her heart desires. Happy birthday, gurl! ^_^

Valetine's Day!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day; whether you are with a special someone or happy single, please enjoy the day of love. What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? Go and enjoy some.

New Year, New Beginning!

Wow, January certainly has gone by really fast, huh? Well, I hope this year that everyone has goals and dreams they wish to accomplish, as do I. I'm gonna put myself out there and begin recording my music demos once I get my PC.(It's gonna be awesome! XD)  In addition, I will be posting my jpop and kpop fanfics which I can completed. I will be finally using my Immersion Japanese Language software. If they have it in Korean, I will get that too. This year looks bright and promising so everyone do your best. I know I will.

Peace and love to allmy LJ friends and LJ communities


These are four music industries/companies I'm considering auditioning for:
-YG Entertainment
-SM Entertainment
-Sony Music International/Sony Music Entertainment Japan
-EMI Music Japan
How would you describe the last decade in one sentence?

The last decade has been very impacting, both positive and negative. It has been very memorable and surprising, going in both directions. I like to look back and reflect the events that shaped and molded this decade as we enter a new decade. Hold dear to those we love and cherish as well as the times we shared and endured, either good or bad and live life each day to the fullest.

Never put off to tomorrow on what you can accomplish today!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Wow, it's Christmas eve, huh? It's a time when family and friends come together and celebrate the holiday, as well as granting x-mas wishes for those who hope to bring happiness to others. I really enjoy this holiday and the goodwill and thoughtfulness it brings out in others.  I hope everyone has a memorable and exciting Christmas eve and day.

Happy Holidays to LJ, all my friends and everyone in the LJ community and beyond.


Pics and new userpic uploaded!

  Hey all! I have uploaded a new userpic and created a photo album with some recent pics of me. I realized that alot of you probably have no idea what I look like so here you go!